Looking for a quiet place where you can seriously get some work done? No kids around you or noisy neighbours, but just you and your laptop? Book a hotel room for a day and make it your #officeforaday.

Your flex workspace in a hotel

Flawless wifi, as much coffee and tea as you like and endless lunch (delivery) possibilities. Turning a hotel room into your office definitely has its perks. And then we didn't even mention how changing your work environment can do wonders for your creativity. That's why our hotels are offering rooms that you can use as your office for a day. Always equipped with a desk, comfortable chair, free wifi and a bed, just in case you could use a little powernap.

You can book your #officeforaday for only €35 for a half day and €45 for an entire day.

You can book this package by contacting our reception: 0031 (0)40-235 8 235reservations@hieindhoven.com